At Legacy Events, we believe that an event leaves a truly lasting impression on someone. It’s that moment in time you only get once. You only turn an age once, graduate once, get married to someone once (even though you may get married to someone else later haha) that moment at that time becomes a one-time thing. 

    These moments in our lives are worth celebrating. They are the milestones in our lives that we get to experience while we are here. When we bring people together to celebrate them, we get to have a positive experience that leaves people with memories they will cherish forever. Being able to leave people with good vibes and positive outcomes that then let them go on with their lives in a whole new light, allows them to take their positivity and spread it onto others.

    We are here to help people create those special moments in time, to elevate their experience, and bring a little magic and wonder back into the world. We hope we can help you do the same.

"These milestones in our lives are worth celebrating."

Learn a little about us. . .

Hi There!
    It's nice to virtually meet you! I'm Abby, Founder and Owner of Legacy Events. I'm so honored that you have come to explore what we are all about!

    First let me give you a little background on how Legacy Events was established. As a little girl I remember watching the Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez over and over again and dreaming that one day I could do that. I spent years of my younger life tearing out pages in magazines and creating mood boards for every style of wedding you could think of. As I got older I found ways to be involved in helping plan community events, seeked out careers that allowed me to plan business events, and in my free-time found reasons to create personal events. I have loved everything about events for as long as I can remember. I love the challenge of taking an event and making it so unique to each person. The thought of going through every tiny detail makes me giddy. And I absolutely love all of the moving parts that go into making an event amazing! 

    After spending years of my life creating experiences, I decided that I wanted to make a bigger impact and help more people, which has resulted in the creation of Legacy Events. At Legacy Events, we understand the importance of celebrating the milestones life gives us but also doing it in a way that is unique, elevated, and memorable. These moments in our lives are so truly special they deserve an experience unlike any other. And we pride ourselves on making that exact thing happen.  


"I'M HERE TO HELP YOU Create memories that you will cherish forever."

Meet Abby McConnell

    Now that you know a little bit about Legacy Events here is a little about me! I am a go-getter, with an exuberant personality, who loves the creative side of life with a sprinkle of business savviness! When I am not chasing a toddler around (talk about getting your steps in!), exploring the world through the eyes of a 2-year-old (in my book the most amazing thing EVER!), and reading a Paw Patrol book for the hundredth time in a day (this one makes you check your sanity level :) ), I spend my time engulfed in a creative and business mind frame.

    I am a lover of coffee, a good semi-sweet red, a morning mimosa, and milk chocolate. A sucker for an authentic Italian meal, a big snuggle from my son, and waterfalls. And get completely consumed in the moment when watching the person at the altar's face as their significant other walks down the aisle. 

    Anytime I am at an event you will likely see my crazy supportive husband Alex who is probably going to the ends of the Earth to implement my elaborate event vision. His attention to detail, out-of-the-box ideas, and relentless efforts to make sure "that can't happen" isn't in our event vocabulary, is a unique asset to our team and someone you definitely will be glad to have there!

    I value the ability to be present in the moment, to open the mind to limitless possibilities, and to surround yourself with those who bring positivity and growth to your life. 

    I'm not sure what has brought you to Legacy Events but I am incredibly excited to have you here! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.