It’s a Dog Birthday PAWTY 🐾

Birthday celebrations aren’t just for humans. Everyone loves a pawty! Celebrate your pup’s birthday this year with a dog birthday pawty.

Birthday Pawty Cake

Celebrate your special pup with a pup cake or cupcakes at their pawty!

summit's birthday cake for his pawty

Dog Birthday Pawty Treat Bags

Send your pup’s pals home with a treat bag full of these homemade treats!

homemade dog treats for pawty take-home treats

Pair the homemade treats with these paw print cellophane bags

paw print cellophane bags for pawty treat bags

Dog Birthday Pawty Snacks (for Humans and Dogs)

You can serve anything at the party for human consumption. In this picture, the bone-shaped trays are serving a variety of fruit for the humans.

When it comes to dogs, the recipes are pretty similar but you can make them into different things such as these pup cakes that are pictured below.

Places to Host

You could host your pup’s party in their own backyard or you could have the party at a dog park!

dogs at the dog park for a pawty


This all depends on what your pup enjoys. You could have a basket of different toys and balls available for the dogs to play with, you could have a sprinkler going, if your pup enjoys it then let the other pups enjoy it too!

dog playing in sprinkler at dog pawty

Tip from Legacy Events

Prep the dog cake/cupcakes the night or day(s) leading up to the day of your pup’s party. They refrigerate well and it’ll save you time the day of.

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