Bridal Makeup with Karli Anthofer

When a bride is in the wedding planning process, one of the first things that they think of is who will do the bridal makeup. A bride wants to look her best on her big day so finding a good makeup artist that can execute the look they are going for is important.

For this blog/vlog, we took the time to talk with Karli Anthofer who is a certified makeup artist in Minnesota and Iowa. While talking to Karli, she tells us a little bit about herself and how she got into makeup as well as some insight on the things she does and looks for while doing bridal makeup.

Background on Karli

Karli first put her foot in the door by doing makeup while she was growing up. She did makeup for competitive dance for many years as well as prom makeup for friends, up until graduation. In this video, Karli tells us that she thought about doing makeup before college but continued to pursue her college degree. During college, Karli thought about pursuing a make-up career again. Then a year after college, a friend reached out. Karli’s friend asked her to do her makeup as well as the bridal party. Considering that pursuing this career had been considered multiple times, Karli took this as a sign and started her official makeup journey.

While Karli is a certified esthetician in both Minnesota and Iowa, she has also recently gone back to school to obtain another degree. Karli wants to be able to provide the skincare side of things as well. Karli is currently working towards her nursing degree so she can provide services like injections and Botox.

Over time, Karli has established a clientele and she says, “I’m just really excited to kind of help people on their big day and do what I’m passionate about.”

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Makeup

There are a lot of things that Karli takes into consideration when choosing makeup for her clients. She gets the vibe from inspiration pictures as well as asking her clients questions to better understand their skin and what they want.

How do you choose what makeup to use on your clients?

“I think first of all, you know, I like to ask if there’s any allergies or skin sensitivities that I should know about. And then also your skin type. Do you feel like you get oily throughout the day? Are you really dry? Or kind of a combination just through the T-zone?”

When deciding on eye shadow color, what are some of the things you look for?

“I feel like a lot of times, I’ll have the girls bring inspiration pictures because that kind of helps clarify what they’re looking for versus, you know, what I would interpret it. Then also going off of you know the skin tone. Is it cool tone? Warm tone?”

How do you know what color of blush to use on someone?

“I kind of let them decide. You know, kind of go off the inspo picture. Kind of ask them, you know, do you have a certain color that you like to use daily? Sometimes it’s more peach, sometimes it’s more pink or mauve.

If someone is taking inside or outside pictures, does that determine how much or what color of blush you put on?

“I feel like your blush is the first thing to fade from your makeup and so usually I will add a little bit extra and then throughout.”

Legacy Events Tip

bridal makeup

When choosing a venue or place to get ready for your wedding, it is important to find a place with a good portion of natural lighting. The natural lighting can help be more accurate when applying your makeup.

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