The Shuffle Couple

Dan and Emily Rohner bring to you The Shuffle Couple in central, Iowa. Between the two of them, they bring personality characteristics that will be sure to keep the dance floor going all night long. While Dan takes the role of the DJ, Emily is the one behind the screen doing the marketing and communicating. You want a DJ that is interactive and attentive to the crowd and The Shuffle Couple does just that.

Why did The Shuffle Couple decide to do a DJ business?

After Dan’s uncle passed away, his aunt was going through things and asked Dan and Emily if they wanted the DJ equipment. Emily was instantly on board and the two of them rented a U-Haul and took the trip to Michigan. When Dan and Emily first received the equipment, it worked but they knew that it needed to be more up to date and ready for a wedding.

Where does the name “The Shuffle Couple” come from?

When trying to come up with a name for their DJ business, they wanted the name to include something along the lines of ‘two’, and ‘duo’ when they landed on the word ‘couple’. They wanted the name to be short and catchy so people would remember it. After trying to find something that rhymed with the word ‘couple’, Emily blurted out the word ‘shuffle’ and Dan knew that was the one.

What else can a DJ do besides just play music?

A DJ can do so much more for you at your wedding besides playing the music at the ceremony and reception. The Shuffle Couple can make all the announcements for you, wedding party entrances, dismiss tables, and so much more. Dan and Emily will go over the timeline of your wedding day with you to learn what you need them for and the announcements they will need to make throughout the day/night. Having a DJ can definitely help to make the day/night flow smoothly.

What is the process after booking?

The Shuffle Couple will do two consultations with you. Emily will reach out to you after submitting your inquiry. Together, you will find a date that works for both of you to do a video call. During this call, The Shuffle Couple will take the time to build a connection by getting to know you, and what you want for your reception, and learn more about what you and your significant others’ music preferences are. The Shuffle Couple will have a second consultation with you a month prior to your wedding. Emily and Dan will go over your timeline with you so they know when and where they are needed as well as what songs you want at each time. During this time, you also have the opportunity to discuss different announcements that you would need them to make.

What if I am unsure of what I want for music?

Emily and Dan will make sure to ask the questions they need to in order to know what you want and what best fits you. One question they tend to make a point to ask is what kind of music you listen to when in the car. In this video, Dan talks about how he can usually tell what kind of music you want just by listing off a few songs. During your consults, be sure to express to them what you don’t like as well.

How does The Shuffle Couple keep the dance floor moving?

Dan and Emily are observant of what is going on out on the dance floor. If they play a song and it doesn’t seem to be a hit and the floor is clearing up, Dan will mix in a popular song that everyone knows. They also keep in mind the songs that do well and try to tie back to them to keep the party going. Dan talks about how you can’t play too many upbeat fast songs in a row because the guests will get tired and not want to dance anymore. It is important to throw in some slower (more singing) songs so then when you hit them with a more upbeat song, they are ready to move.

To learn more about The Shuffle Couple or to reach out to them, visit their website

Tip from Legacy Events

When you have a consult with your DJ, make sure to ask what additional things they offer. Many DJs have uplighting for your room, photo booths, or video guest books that are available to add to your package.

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