Eagle’s Ledge Venue Tour

Eagle’s Ledge was built in 2021 in the small town of Madrid in Central, Iowa. This venue is owned by Heidi and John Baratta. Between the two of them, they bring years of knowledge in many different, but useful, industries. This knowledge includes the restaurant industry, sales, hospitality, and customer service. Aside from this background knowledge, they also own Lincoln Club Catering and Banquet Center in Glidden, recently owned WOW Weddings and their new gig has been opening Shake’s in Carroll. John and Heidi took the things they had seen, good and bad, and put what they had learned into Eagle’s Ledge.

The Barn

How big is this venue?

This venue is 9,000 square feet and it can hold up to 420 guests.


Upon entering the barn, you can see beautiful handmade tables made out of wood and iron. Seated along the tables are black chairs. These tables provide a natural beauty within themselves that you don’t need to place a tablecloth over them. The head table is 30 feet long and can seat up to 20 people which makes it perfect for any size wedding. The barn has tall ceilings and large windows that allow natural light to shine in. With everything in place, there is still plenty of space for your DJ to set up and for you and your guests to dance the night away.

The Bar

This beautiful bar provides an elegant look with white subway tiles across the front of it and a wooden counter. Heidi tells us that they usually do 3 lines at the bar. Having 3 lines at the bar increases the likelihood of there not being a wait. The bar has a variety of drink choices and there is something for everyone.

Do they do signature drinks?

Eagle’s Ledge does offer the customization of signature drinks. Heidi talks about how they have many options and she is pretty flexible when it comes to putting together a signature drink for your guests.

Can I set a budget?

Heidi says, “I feel like people put too much emphasis on the bar when it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. So we just make it flexible here. If they have a budget, they can let us know and we’ll come find them when we’re close to that number and they can adjust accordingly.” Heidi is willing to meet you where you are at. It is possible to hit your budget early in the night or perhaps not even be close to it closer to the end of the night. Because this can happen, Heidi allows you to adjust it however you need to.

Outside Patio Space

This venue has a patio space right outside of the barn. This patio space is perfect for a cocktail hour or a place to set up yard games. This space is lighted by string lights that are strung across the awning above the patio.

Outdoor Ceremony Space

Eagle’s Ledge has an outdoor ceremony space with wooden benches and a beautiful wooden arbor. Behind the arbor, there is a pond. There is a paved concrete path for the aisle and the wedding party to stand on.

This outdoor space can hold anywhere between 400-420 guests.

Groom’s Suite

The groom’s suite at Eagle’s Ledge is the perfect spot for the guys to get ready. They can relax, watch a football game, and have some beers. The suite has a table with chairs and a couch for them to hang out on. There is a mini fridge provided where food and drinks can be stored.

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is such a fun place for you and your girls to get read. There is a vanity along the north wall with mirrors and chairs for you to sit in while getting ready. There are plenty of outlets and mirrors throughout the suite because those are important in the getting ready process. On the wall as you walk in is a bar for the bride’s dress to hang and it will catch natural light that will be perfect for pictures.

Can we bring alcohol into the suites?

All alcohol must be purchased through the venue and they can have a case of beers (or whatever drink of choice) stocked in the mini fridge for you upon arrival.

Is there a bathroom in the suite?

Each side of the suite, guys, and girls, has its own spacious bathroom with a toilet, sink, and mirror. Plenty of space to use to get ready if needed.

Is there wifi in the suite?

Yes. The suites have a separate wifi apart from the barn itself.

Can the suites be locked?

Yes. Heidi says that the suites can be locked at any point during the night. This ensures the security of the wedding party’s items as well as provides a spot to keep your cards/gifts.


Each side of the suite has its own heating and cooling. You don’t have to worry about the guys being too hot and the girls being too cold, set it to whatever is comfortable for you while getting ready.

Tip from Legacy Events

The weather isn’t always on our side so picking a venue like Eagle’s Ledge that allows you to do the ceremony inside or outside is something to keep in mind. As well as a place that provides picturesque backgrounds for your wedding photos inside and outside.

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