Fall Wedding Flowers: Fudge’s Flowers & Gifts

Join us in this video as Bonnie from Fudge’s Flowers & Gifts talks to us about fall wedding flowers! Throughout this video, we can learn so much from Bonnie about the process and customizing details that go into wedding florals. Bonnie tells us that a bride doesn’t have to know a single flower, that is what the florist is there for.

Fall Wedding Flower Colors + Vibe

Bonnie talks about how you don’t need to know exactly what you want when you come into the floral shop. Bonnie says, “My advice is to always try to pick a little bit of your theme, picking your bridesmaids’ dresses – that’s helpful. Picking what your groom or your groomsmen are going to wear.” All of these things can help a florist pick up on the vibe that you want for your wedding day.

The Wedding Flowers Process

After a couple gets engaged, they start with things such as a date, venue, and even florals. Bonnie recommends to at least call your florist to reserve your date for florals. After this step, Bonnie says to pick out your bridesmaids’ dresses next. Bonnie says, “So once those bridesmaids’ dresses are in hand and we know the color there then we start to pick out what your scheme is.”

Building a Fall Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Bonnie talks about how she likes to incorporate lots of texture and color. When starting a bouquet, the florist will start with a filler that is similar in color to the bridesmaids’ dresses. “You don’t want a bouquet that’s the same color because then it blends in and all the photos look too much alike.” The next step is to pick a focal flower for the bouquet. You don’t have to know what flower you want, that is why florist is there.

The next part is the greenery. Bonnie tells us that greenery is her favorite part of a bouquet, “My favorite part of the wedding flowers is the greenery and it always is. I don’t know how to explain it but in my bouquets, I would say we always use 4-10 different types of greenery.” A florist will add in many different types of greenery. They will add in a lighter one, eucalyptus (sometimes 4-5 different types), and then your greeneries. “You want to incorporate some of that natural element, things that you are used to seeing in the area of your wedding for fall.”

Lastly, Bonnie talks about how she will add something different. For this bouquet she added hypericum berries. These will also add some fun texture.

Final Fall Bouquet

When it comes to putting the bouquet together, Bonnie talks about how it is important to start with your variety. At least one of each thing then build from there by adding more of each where it is necessary. It is important to build the bouquet off of what the bride wants. Bonnie uses this analogy for herself, “I always go to sports or fruit. So do they want a watermelon, where it’s long and kind of wide? It’s a bouquet, it’s going to be a heavy bouquet, no matter what you do. Or do they want a basketball or do they want a cantaloupe?”. A florist will build the bouquet based on what look the bride wants. A florist will also pay attention to things such as the height of the bride so they know what length to do for the bouquet.

Legacy Events Wedding Planning Tip

Creating a budget is extremely beneficial before going to pick your wedding¬†flowers. Be sure to ask your florist prior to picking flowers what the estimated cost will be. This will allow you and your florist to pick flowers that not only fit your vibe, but will keep you within your budget. Bonnie at Fudge’s Flowers & Gifts provides her couples with this pricing structure. This helps give them an idea of what price point they might be looking at. This is a great tool and something you can see if your florist has for you to view!

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