Post Wedding Name Change

Woo hoo! You are married, congratulations! Now it is time to go through the name change process… unfortunately there are more steps than just signing the marriage license and changing it on Facebook.

Step 1: File for Your Marriage Certificate

Make sure that you have 5 signatures on your marriage license from the date of your wedding. You should have you and your spouses signatures, the officiant’s, and your two witnesses.

After you have all of the 5 signatures, you can delegate the responsibility to your officiant to turn it in to the county or you can take it in yourself.

Once you get this turned in, make a list of all things that have your last name and what will need changed.

Step 2: Get Certified Copies of Certificate

You can obtain these copies through your county’s clerk office. We recommend at least 3 copies of it. Keep one in a safe place and then have the other two for when it is needed to show proof of your marriage.

Step 3: Change Your Name On Your Social Security Card

You can either go to the nearest Social Security office to do this or you can mail in your application. To find your nearest office visit If you are wanting to fill out the application and mail it in, you can access the application here:

Step 4: Get a New Driver’s License

Before updating your last name on different accounts such as your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. you will need to update your driver’s license because they will most likely require an I.D.

Changing your last name on your I.D. has to be done in person so make sure you designate some time after the wedding to go to the DMV and get it switched over.

Remember to bring the updated social security card (or a receipt of it), marriage license, proof of address and form of payment.

Step 5: Update Your Passport

If you are going out of the country for your honeymoon, it is probably in your best interest to wait until you get back to update your passport. Your form of I.D. and boarding passes have to match and in most cases your travel is already booked with your former last name.

Changing your last name on your passport is just considered a correction, so you will apply by mail. To select the proper form for a name change, use the Lastly mail the following to the National Passport Processing Center: completed DS-5504 or DS-82 form, a certified copy of your marriage certificate, current passport, and a check for any additional fees. If you are needing to mail a check – make it payable to ‘The U.S. Department of State’ and on the memo line write your full name and DOB.

Step 6: Change Your Name On Your Bank Account

Depending on who you bank with, some banks may require you to do this in person or they may allow you to uploaded the required documents via email. The documents you will need are things like a certified copy of your marriage certificate, your new Social Security card, and your new driver’s license or state-issued I.D. Once you have completed the name change, make sure you get a new debit card and check book ordered.

Step 7: Update Your Name Change On Credit Cards

To change your last name on your credit cards, we recommend just contacting the customer service number on the back of you card. Each credit card company has different procedures so just contact them and see what they need.

Step 8: Make Changes to Insurance

Update all of your insurances (home, health, auto, etc.) as soon as possible with your name change. Each company might be different but more than likely they will need your updated I.D. and your marriage license.

If you plan to be added to your spouse’s insurance, just make sure that you have a copy of your updated S.S. card.

Step 9: Update Major Independent Payments

These payments include mortgage, student loans, utilities, car loans, etc. In most cases you can just easily update the name change in your account settings. If you are having difficulties, it is probably easiest to just reach out to customer service.

Step 10: Notify HR

This one can be often forgot about, but make sure you notify your HR at your place of employment. This allows them to update your name on your payroll, insurance, 401K, etc.

Step 11: Update Social Media

This step is only necessary if you are on social media. Most resources recommend adding your new last name but also keeping your old last name for about 6 months – (FirstName NewLastName (Old LastName)). Otherwise, simply just changing your last name will work – especially if you make a marriage announcement.

Step 12: Random Accounts

Lastly, don’t forget to update your name change on things such as subscriptions, email signatures, etc.

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