Halloween Party

These pictures are from a Halloween themed birthday party but you can have a normal Halloween party and use these same ideas. No matter the reason, this party is sure to be spooky yet fun!

Halloween Party Invitation

The invite sets the mood of the party while inviting the guests to come as anything but themselves. It is fun to see the creativity of your guests and their costume ideas!

Halloween Party Contest

You ask your guests to come as anything but themselves, but I bet they show out even more if you make it a competition. To make it fair, allow all guests to vote for who they think should win the contest. They can vote for themselves or they can vote someone else.

At the end of the night, sort through the votes. After the votes have been sorted, announce who the winner is and give them their prize. The prize could be Halloween themed or something as simple as a gift card.

Halloween Party Games

While your guests can socialize during the party, it is fun to have some type of game or activity. You can use these games that are Halloween themed. Supply your guests with instructions and game cards and have them turn them in the basket when they are finished.

Guts + Gore

Blindfolded, put your hand in the bucket and without pulling out any guts, find and pull out the following items: 3 eyes, 3 bones, 2 skulls and 1 spider.

Spooky Tower

Stack the cups in a pyramid standing with 6 on the bottom, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Silent Screams

Place a balloon in your mouth. Using only the balloon – place it in a cup, blow it up and move it to stack all of the cups on top of each other.

Halloween Party Food

These are just a few ideas that you could use for a Halloween party – there are many more out there.

Mummy Mix

The ‘Mummy Mix’ was a veggie tray. The veggie tray is a bowl of veggie dip surrounded by carrots, peppers, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Bone Appetit

The ‘Bone Appetit’ was a meat and cheese tray. This tray is salami, summer sausage, various cheeses, and various crackers. Fake plastic bones are then place throughout the tray.

BBQ Testicles

As you probably would guess, the ‘BBQ Testicles’ were meatballs that were in BBQ sauce.

Dead Man’s Toes

To make ‘Dead Man’s Toes’, you simply take lil smokies and cover them with the BBQ sauce of your choosing.

Zombie Fingers

‘Zombie Fingers’ are simply just chicken strips. Supply a variety of dipping sauces and you are set.

Injectable Eyeballs

Having you ever had the injectable donuts at Top Golf? The ‘Injectable Eyeballs’ are exactly that.

Halloween Party Drinks

On The Table: Blood Red Lemonade + Witch’s Brew

In the blood bags and dispenser in the pictures below, there is ‘blood red’ lemonade. In the black cauldron is the ‘Witch’s Brew’ which is lemon-lime sherbet punch.


The ‘Spirits’ consisted off different kinds of liquor – Captain Morgan, Vodka, Crown Royal Apple, and Prairie Fire.

6ft Under Ice

The ‘6ft Under Ice’ is drinks in a can like beer and pop along with bottles of water in a cooler with ice.

Halloween Party Décor

The opportunities are ENDLESS when it comes to the décor of a Halloween Party. For this party, old bottles were used to imitate spooky things such as Witch’s Brew, Frog’s Breath, Bone Powder, Bat Wings, and more. There was also various black candles placed throughout the layout of the party as well as other spooky décor items (books, green moss, tiny vile jars, etc.)

When you guests first entered the party, they walked under an arch made of branches and wrapped in lights and imitation spider webs. As the guests walked up to the gazebo, they could see imitation spider web all over the gazebo as well as a mummy hanging in the corner and witch’s hats hanging above them.

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