Business Event – 50 Year Celebration

While every milestone is worth celebrating, 50 years is definitely something worth celebrating. A business can accomplish a lot in 50 years, but a business also wouldn’t be there without its employees. Having an business event allows the opportunity to celebrate their employees and all its successes.


Having a variety of different centerpieces can help to bring a different element throughout the overall layout of an event. While one centerpiece can be elegant – these 3 different centerpieces tie together to bring some depth to the entire layout.

The first centerpiece is a square block that has fairy lights inside and has ’50 years’ in a royal blue vinyl placed on the front. The second centerpiece is a LED diamond light. The third centerpiece is 2 cylinder vases of different sizes with a LED light in the bottom with some blue and white gems on top. Each of the centerpieces are on top of a hexagon mirror tile.

Table Layout/Placement

The layout for each table is the same throughout. There is a gold charger at each seat with a elegantly folded polyester navy napkin on top of each charger. In the middle of each table are navy blue bags (surrounding the centerpiece) with the business’s logo on it. In each bag there are different items (wall charging cube, flashlight, notebook, and pen) provided by the business as a thank you gift.

table layout

Balloon Display

The balloon display provides an elegant place to take pictures as well as just add some depth and another element to the overall layout. We can see the business colors of navy blue and gold incorporated in the balloon display as well as some gold confetti balloons scattered throughout. In front of the balloon display there a ’50’ marquee numbers – which emphasize the celebration of 50 years. This balloon display is very elaborate and exemplifies a more elegant look.

balloon display


The business chose to display their cake on a gold cake plate and use gold cake cutting utensils. The cake has the business’ 50 year celebration logo on top of it. The cake is then surrounded by a variety of different cupcakes.

cake and cupcakes

Abby was awesome. She took time to understand our event, provided solutions within our budget, coordinated with our staff to make sure all of the pieces fit together, and committed the time necessary to make the event successful. She showed up early to make sure there was time to get decorations in place and came long after the event had concluded to allow for all our our guests to filter out. Communication was often was not bothersome and really helped us stay on schedule for pieces we needed to complete. She paid close attention to every detail and these were noticed by our attendees, many of whom asked for Legacy Events’ contact information. Also telling – the venue staff commented about how much they appreciated working with Legacy and how impressed they were with her professionalism. All around it was A+.

Rick H.

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