Dog Themed Birthday Party

Fun fact: A 2 year old took the opportunity to plan this dog themed birthday party on his own. He picked the theme, helped design the invitation, chose the colors he wanted, food, etc. Sometimes we have to put our need to want perfection aside and let our kids lead the way. With a little help from mom, this dog themed birthday party was so fun and cute.


You have to be kidding me, how stinking cute is this invitation? Mom thought up the idea of the invitation and he chose what he wanted for the smaller details such as the blue 3 and the bones in the background. Designing an invitation doesn’t have to be difficult, open Canva and let your creativity flow.

Dog themed invitation that reads 'Don't Happy Pee But Beckum Is Turning 3!'


The first thing that is chosen for the party were the balloons – red, blue, paw print, and silver. The balloons decided the colors for the party. A bouquet of balloons with a red weight sit on each guest tables and on the food table as well.

Balloons and colors

You can make this dog house out of link balloons. The dog house gives a fun place to take pictures to remember the dog themed birthday party!

Link balloons dog house


Aside from serving pizza as the main course, there were individual bags of chips, a variety of fruit, lemonade + water, cookies, and cupcakes!

The plastic bone shaped serving trays/bowls serve the fruit and the cookies. There were 3 different types of cupcakes, one for dog consumption and two that were for humans.

Favor bags

There were two different favor bags, one for the dogs that attended and one for the other kids that came to help celebrate! This task is the perfect opportunity to let your little one feel involved and let them stuff the bags.

The dog favor bags had a few Milk Bones in them with a ball. The kid’s bags had a variety of different dog themed trinkets.

stuffing dog favor bags

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