Construction Themed Birthday

If you give a child blocks, they could build for hours. A child enjoys using their fine motor skills to create something awesome, but give them a toy excavator or crane with a wrecking ball to knock down their tower and they will think it is the coolest thing. What better way to celebrate a child’s birthday than a construction themed birthday party. A party full of construction equipment? Oh yeah they are 100% in.

Construction Themed Birthday Invitation

You can find hundreds of construction themed invitations online that you could use or you could design your own in Canva. Whatever you choose to do, make it personal and fun. Add a fun saying or simply just put the child’s name and age with some construction equipment.

construction theme invitation

Construction Themed Birthday Party Favors

These party favor bags contained some fun take home goodies for the kids that attended. The bag had a Honest juice with a fuel sticker on it, two Oreo cookies as spare tires, construction coloring book with crayons, a mini tape measure, construction stickers and a toy loader.

The steps for creating this is easy. First find some construction themed party favor bags and decide what you want to put in them. Second, create a fun thank you tag to attach to the bags as well as a party favor sign to display next to it. Lastly, find some kind of tool box and fill it up with the bags.

Construction theme party favors


For the tableware you could do a few different things. You could do all solid colors like orange, yellow, black, etc. You could do solid colors mixed with construction theme plates/napkins. Or you could just do the construction theme plates and napkins. It is all about your preference and what you think looks best.

The picture below shows a mixture of both. The plates and napkins are stacked with an orange plate and a construction themed plate every other. Then they are paired with orange silverware. Print off a sign and you are all set.



The dessert ideas are so fun for this construction theme! There are so many cake designs and dessert ideas out there.

In this picture, the imitation of used paint brushes were made out of a Rice Krispy bar on a popsicle stick with yellow colored white chocolate dipped on the ends. The paint brush are placed in Styrofoam in an old paint bucket.

The snack next to it is dirt cups. The dirt cups are made out of chocolate pudding with crumbled Oreos on top with a construction sign and a gummy worm.

Next to the two dirt cups are two cakes, one cake looks like a construction site and the construction equipment is going up the side of the dirt hill. The other cake is an excavator rested at the top of a dirt hill with the Paw Patrol character, Rubble, inside.

Lastly, there is the ‘fuel station’ which is where the guests can find their beverages.

Dessert table
close up of the cakes

Construction Zone

What is a construction themed birthday party without a construction zone? This construction zone is just a sandbox with some building blocks and construction equipment. One requirement though, a (plastic) hard hat to enter.

construction zone

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