Disco Dance Party

Undoubtedly there is something about dancing together with your friends to some good music that is such a happiness boost! So grab yourself some friends and a DJ and get to having a disco dance party.

People often forget how simple it is to just have a good time and enjoy some good company but The Shuffle Couple‘s opening night at Greene Bean showed just that. From the décor to the photo op to DJ Dan spinning some hits – this disco dance party was one to remember.

DJ playing music behind the DJ booth at Disco Dance Party


For this disco dance party, we put together these fun bright-colored disco ball centerpieces. Bright colors (pinks, purples, blues) filled these disco ball vases. Not your vibe? You could easily swap out these bright colors for whatever your vibe is- warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, or anything in between!

Disco ball centerpiece with florals

Personalized Decor

The Shuffle Couple added these S an C disco mirror letters on their welcome table. The welcome table held things like pins with their logo, business cards, and a tip jar. These letters gave off an exuberant look but added such a fun element to the table.

These letters would be a fun addition to any table for any event- guest book table, dessert table, head table, etc.

Disco letters S and C for Disco Dance Party

Photo Op

“Pics or it didn’t happen”… no literally, people will take any advantage to snap a picture with their friend. The Shuffle Couple had this fun, bright, disco themed photo op for their guests to take pictures in front of.

Disco themed backdrop with Let's Party sign and colorful balloon garland

Anyone could take this disco themed party and make it there own. A birthday party, get together, Halloween party provides a great opportunity to host a disco dance party.

“We highly recommend Legacy Events to enhance any party atmosphere! Abby, Alex, and Kiara make a great team! I told Abby my vision of having a modern disco party and she EXCEEDED our expectations! 🎈✨”

The Shuffle Couple

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