Deep Spring Wedding Colors

We had so much fun putting together these unique wedding tables. When you look at these tables, you can pull out a variety of colors- pink, blue, maroon, green, navy, sage, gold, and many more. While most would look at this and think spring/summer, these deep spring wedding colors could be used for a fall wedding.

Deep Spring Wedding Guest Table

The first table we set up is a guest table. This table gives guests an elegant place to sit while enjoying your wedding dinner and evening activities. The decorations are very minimal but they portray the vibe of a wedding perfectly. Guests can communicate across the table without having to look around the decorations that are on the table. The different textures of the flower vases also bring some dimension and fun to the table as well.

The decor and flowers complement each other so well. Everything just flows together so elegantly. The navy lanterns pull out the deep spring wedding colors in flowers. The cream-colored napkins tie in with the candlestick holders which then tie into the gold bouquet vase.

Social Hour

The next table that we did portrays a small more intimate sitting area that wedding guests can use during a social hour between your ceremony and reception. This small sitting area allows your guests to have an elegant conversational area to socialize in rather than having to stand. While this area is pinpointed towards a social area, you could also add a fun backdrop and neon sign and make it a photo-op area for your guests to take photos.

This setup would definitely be a staple for a wedding reception. The emerald and the gold of the chairs all ties into the colors that are scattered throughout the tables and color scheme. The velvet fabric adds some fun and texture to the decor as well.

Spring Wedding Head Table

Lastly, let’s take a look at the head table. A head table can be just the bride and the groom or it can be the entire bridal party.

This is a very simple but elegant look. These green and gold velvet chairs are the perfect touch for the bride and groom. While they can use these chairs while seated at the table, they could also bring them around to the front of the table to sit in while listening to speeches or watching dances. Head tables tend to be much like the guest tables but are set up so that the focus can be on the bride and groom. For this setup, we used the same florals throughout the table. Along with the gold candlestick holders and clear votives but took away the lanterns and added the “Mr. & Mrs.” signs.

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