TWO Infinity and Beyond

The ‘TWO Infinity and Beyond’ theme comes from the popular Pixar movie, Toy Story. In case you haven’t seen Toy Story, it is about a group of talking toys that belong to a young boy named Andy. The two main characters in Toy Story are Woody, a cowboy doll, and Buzz Lightyear, a toy spaceman.

In the Toy Story movie, Buzz Lightyear often says the phrase “to infinity and beyond” and that is where this clever theme comes from. While it is called ‘TWO Infinity and Beyond’, you could use the original phrase (to instead of two) and use this theme for a birthday party for a child of any age.

Each decoration that goes into this theme truly plays a role in bringing it to life and trying to embody the Toy Story fantasy.

‘Two Infinity and Beyond’ Backdrop + Balloon Arch

Let’s first bring our focus to the fun balloon arch with blue, red, and yellow balloons in 3 different sizes. Aside from the solid color balloons, you can add some fun dimension to this balloon arch with some accent balloons- cloud balloons, and cow print balloons were placed sporadically throughout. Added behind the balloon arch is a Toy Story themed backdrop with Woody and Buzz around the words ‘Two Infinity and Beyond’.

This backdrop could be used as a photo op or as the background of a table (gift table, dessert table, etc.)


For tablecloths and tableware, you can use any of the colors that are a part of the theme. You could also do a tablecloth with a pattern that ties into Toy Story.

The Pizza Planet boxes are set as centerpieces. If you wanted to use them, you could do personal pizzas on English muffins to put in the boxes. The use of these boxes as an interactive activity is also an option. You could supply stickers and coloring utensils for theme to decorate them.


Kids (especially 2-year-olds) can only sit still for so long. This interactive craft gives them the opportunity to use their fine motor skills and have some fun! The Forky craft is a fun Toy Story themed craft that children can do and take home as their takeaway. The Forky craft consists of all the supplies that you need to build Forky.

‘Two infinity and beyond’ Party Favor + Snack

Applesauce pouches are a fan favorite among kids. Add a cute sticker of the aliens from Toy Story to the front of some applesauce pouches. You can use these as a take-home gift or for the kids to enjoy during the party.


The last thing to bring this party to life are the customized letter blocks. While wooden letter blocks aren’t as popular today, they definitely yell ‘Toy Story’.

“We worked with Legacy Events for our son’s 2nd birthday party! Abby and Kiara were so easy to work with, came up with cute ideas, and planned everything perfectly to the theme we wanted. On the day of the event, it was amazing to just be able to show up to an event space that was already ready to go! We will definitely be using them for future events. Highly recommend!”

Leah R.
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